Must Have Men’s Grooming Products!

Prada Amber Pour Homme Eau du Toilette

Menaji Skincare Camo Concealer

L’Occitane Cade Shaving Oil

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm


Malin + Goetz Cilantro Hair Conditioner


Mentholatum OC Charcoal Body Wash


Recipe for Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay

  Philips Norelco NT9130/40 NoseTrimmer 5100

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm


Dermaplaning: What Is It?

Dermaplaning or Dermabrasion smooths the skin, removes impurities, improves skin texture, evens pigmentation, removes fine facial hair, and leaves the skin with a refreshed glow. It is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (or peach fuzz). This procedure is performed by gently moving a scalpel over surface layers of the face for maximum exfoliation. It’s a non-invasive treatment, and can be performed on its own, or prior to other skin care treatments in order to enhance their effectiveness. The procedure is also a great treatment for the reduction of acne scarring and small lines. This is a great treatment for patients who are pregnant or nursing. By skimming off ‘peach fuzz’ and with the extra exfoliation it provides, dermaplaning enhances the effectiveness of other skin care treatments, helps with product penetration, and allows for a more flawless make-up application.

Although merely an old wives’ tale, many patients are often concerned that the hair will grow back heavier and darker after dermaplaning or shaving. And as with all old wives’ tales this isn’t true. It will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment. People believe that the hair grows in thicker because when the hair is shaved the blade cuts the hair flat across the top of the hair shaft in the middle of the hair where the hair is thicker. When a hair grows naturally the tip of the hair is slightly finer so it seems that when you shave the hair seems to grow in thicker.


Shaved hair

Brazilian Facial: AKA The Facial Down Below

Brazilian Facial: The 'New' Face Of Beauty via Huffington Post & You Beauty

Photo: Getty
Regardless of whether or not you remove your hair down there, you may be greeted by red bumps, ingrown hairs and other unwelcome issues — which are as uncomfortable as they are uncomfortable to talk about.

So when we heard of a service that could keep your skin completely clear and soft in the most sensitive (intimate!) of areas, we had to check it out. Ladies, meet the Brazilian Facial, a skincare treatment imported from Singapore’s Strip Ministry of Waxing, that may be coming to a salon near you.

Before we decide to add yet another treatment to our list of crazy things we do to our bodies, let’s backtrack a sec and ask: Why does maintaining ourselves below-the-belt make us feel more beautiful, anyway?

Women withstand 20 uncomfortable minutes of waxing for many reasons — one, that they actually feel more comfortable in the weeks of smoothness afterward. According to a Canadian study of 16 to 50 year-old women, the most popular reason for taking it off: prepping a bikini-clad bod to go out in public.

Others have a drastically different reason; removing hair is a religious or cultural practice. For example, pubic hair removal is religiously endorsed by the Muslim Sunan al-Fitra (“customs of nature”), a collection of cosmetic or hygienic practices believed to enhance, rather than detract from, one’s God-given beauty.

For non-religious reasons, removing pubic hair to feel “cleaner” and “more attractive,” as reported in the Canadian study, are surprisingly similar motives to why many women removed pubic hair thousands of years ago.

In ancient Greece, women used tweezers to pluck hair or even singed their hair off with hot coals. (Waxing doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?).

Lack of hairiness was associated with effeminacy and youth, according to historian Bella Vivante, Ph.D. and author of “Daughters of Gaia: Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World.” “Keeping them looking girl-like probably started for hygienic purposes, to keep oneself free from infestation.”

Today there’s still a notion that pubic hair removal is cleaner, though little evidence to prove it. In ancient times, this was more of an issue: Hair removal may have prevented infections arising from lice and fleas. “In Egypt it seems to be primarily for hygienic purposes,” says Dr. Vivante. “Egyptian women plucked using tweezers, and razors have been found in women’s graves.” Some historians even trace the hair removal “sugaring” technique back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Fast forward to today, and hair removal may actually cause more problems if you’re not careful. In some cases, shaving can cause inflammation of the hair follicles (folliculitis) that leads to rashes, itching and pimples or pustules in the infected area. It ain’t pretty, and can lead to a more serious infection if untreated. Even if you don’t remove hair, you can experience some of the same skin problems you have with your face. This is where the Brazilian Facial comes in…

The Brazilian Facial

I arrived for my Brazilian Facial, at the industrial-chic Strip Ministry of Waxing in New York City, highly skeptical. The name alone sounds like a mandate for hairlessness. But I learned a few surprising things. Firstly, the facial doesn’t require that you have a Brazilian bikini wax — they’ll administer the facial to all varieties of pubic hair fashion. Regardless, I received the “Wax and Polish” works, which included a Strawberry wax with chamomile and aloe vera that hardens before being removed, touted to be a bit less painful than soft wax.

While gripping my strawberry squeeze toy, I asked the aesthetician, “do guys ever do this?” To which she answered, absolutely: The Boyzilian. So if you’re enraged by the double standard of hair removal, or if the man in your life comments about your hair situation, you can enlighten him with his hair grooming options.

After the deed was done, the aesthetician started the “facial” using a handheld device, which is similar to the concept of microdermabrasian. But instead of using a stream of particles to perform the exfoliation, she used a diamond tipped applicator that acts as a physical exfoliant. It was painless and felt like light sandpaper. I had a 2-percent salicylic acid cleanser (one of three available cleanses) while a “wand” gently suctioned, which helped open pores so they don’t clog up with oil or stubbornly-trapped hairs. It could also treat acne and blackheads.

I’ll spare the details and just say that at the end of my cleanse, I was completely clear. Things down there felt better than ever.

If your concern is hyperpigmentation or age spots, you could opt for a lightening treatment. The Light solution uses peptides to slow the production of melanin and brighten skin. It’s said to treat melasma and photo damage without causing redness or itchiness. Instead of hydroquinone, it uses arbutin and mulberry as brightening agents, which are plant-derived extracts.

Dry skin is a common issue for women coming in for the treatment, which I was surprised to hear. The aesthetician has done quite a few hydrating treatments, using hyaluronic acid to moisturize, and calming chamomile to help with sensitivity.

You may be familiar with similar services for, you know, your face?

Don’t Have Access to a Brazilian Facial?

If you’re not getting professionally primped, you can try moisturizing and maintaining the area on your own. Salons like New York City’s Shobha offer natural lotions and exfoliating products specifically designed for your bikini area. Kelly Burns, aesthetician and owner of Your Face and Place has been sugaring for 11 years and sees ingrown hairs as the number one problem for women. “Use products with salicylic acid or glycolic acid solution to help remove dead skin cells so the hair can come through,” she says.

Unfortunately, if you’re ingrown-hair prone, you might not be able to control your destiny.

YouBeauty Dermatology Advisor Amy Wechsler, M.D. explains that the hair can curl before it reaches the surface, which ends up creating the bump before you have a chance to treat it. To avoid ingrown hairs and inflamed hair follicles, Dr. Wechsler’s treatment of choice is laser hair removal. Brazilian Facials can be performed immediately after an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment at Strip.

Hesitant as I am to take the step toward some more permanent hair removal (I like to remember I’m a ‘natural woman’), experts do agree it could prevent nearly all said hairy issues above.

By: Paige Lennox

CT Esthetic - I personally don't think that you really need to spend the
money on a Brazilian Facial, it can help women who are going through 
menopause and have dryness. I would recommend over a Brazilian Facial, 
Inner Intimates Vaginal Renewal Complex and Inner Intimates Vaginal Wash.
It is formulated by a Gynecologist the products cleanse, exfoliate, and
moisturize your intimate area.

Inner Intimates Vaginal Renewal Complex

How Do Tough Guys Cleanse Their Skin? Von Miller Style!

Via InStyle

Denver Broncos Football Star Von Miller

Courtesy Photos (3); Neilson Barnard/Getty

This is something you don’t see every day—a football superstar getting a shave. Alas, that’s what we witnessed at the New York launch of Axe’s first men’s skin range, Axe FaceScore, where Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller showed off his love for grooming by getting a shave in front of dozens of beauty editors. “I didn’t think I needed skincare,” he told before sitting down with the razor. “During the season, I’m pretty much a Viking! Taking care of my face allowed me to show my individuality, and you need extra hydration in a dry environment like Denver.” The range includes a shave gel, face wash, and post-shave gel in three formulas to suit sensitive, oily, and tired-looking complexions, all priced from $5 to $9. And, of course, they all include “that Axe smell”—the one your little brothers, cousins, and teen kids know so well. “I think guys will automatically gravitate toward Axe Face since a lot of us have been using the body sprays for years,” said Miller. “Plus, it may increase chances with the ladies just a little bit.” Aw, every “Viking” has a softer side—it’s all about the girl, and we’re taking notice.



Manscaping: A Guy’s Guide to Getting Rid of Body Hair! Waxing isn’t just for the ladies, hair removal for men is growing in popularity.

If you think only metrosexuals (men getting a manicure or a facial), gay men, or triathletes would choose to go totally bare, think again. Hairlessness among men is surging in popularity for all types of guys, from straight to ultra conservative to liberal. Men are losing it, from their chest to their nether regions. There has been a rise in male clients by almost 30 percent this year alone in waxing.


Stars such as David Beckham may be contributing to the male hairless trend all over the body. Popular areas for guys include feet and toes, butt, back, and chest.

David Beckham

Another reason for the recent rise of manscaping? More men are becoming open to getting waxed because their girlfriends and wives are encouraging them to clean up. Usually men come back after the first time because waxing makes you feel more confident by eliminating a 5 o’clock shadow on your back or other areas, it helps make them feel cleaner, and helps relieve ingrown hairs caused by shaving. Plus, it saves time since you don’t have to shave daily, and eventually hair starts to grow back thinner so you don’t need to come in as often.”

Danny Ghitis for The New York Times
Kenny Milstead, an esthetician at Bliss Spa in SoHo with a client, Ryan Pepper.

As with women’s waxing, aftercare is important, since the risk of ingrown hairs.  For the first 24 hours after defuzzing, most estheticians advise avoiding anything that will get the area overheated, including steam rooms, and workouts.

Keeping the area clean is also important. A unisex calming product, like Tendskin, Malin and Goetz’s newly-introduced ingrown hair cream and FixMySkin healing body balm, which comes in a tube that looks like a child’s glue stick, can help soothe any irritation or redness.

Worried about the pain, try these tips for a better experience:

You can also apply a numbing cream 45 minutes to a hour prior to your waxing appointment.

Such as, LMX 5% Topical Anorectal Cream, make sure to remove the product with soap and water after waxing it is not meant to be left on the skin for a prolonged period of time.

LMX 5% Topical Anorectal Cream

Check with your Doctor before using this product!


Why Thin Eyebrows Aren’t For You

Over plucking, shaving, over waxing your eyebrows is not a look I recommend.

Why you ask?

Thin eyebrow can do the following:

  • Make your forehead appear more prominent
  • Make you look older
  • Make your face appear puffy or like you have put on weight

The trick is not to over pluck, wax, or shave— the key is the correct arch for your face shape.

Determine your face shape:  Portions of the article below are taken from Beautylish

Step 1


To find your face shape with this technique, you’ll need a dry-erase  marker, a mirror, and your face. You can substitute lipstick or lip liner if you don’t have any erasable markers.

Step 2


Stand directly in front of your mirror with your hair pulled back. Stay completely still as you trace an outline of your face with your marker or lipstick.

Step 3


Once you’ve finished drawing an outline of your face, stand back and take a look at the results. Is the shape oblong or short? Where does your face widen and taper?

Megan Fox

The most common face shape. Your facial features are spaced in even proportion.

Oval faces can handle most brow types. Because of the proportionate shape, it’s easy to pull off a variety of shapes.

Liv Tyler

Your face shape is similar to an oval shape, but with more length added to the forehead and chin.

Flat, low arched brows for this face type who have a longer face because it helps open up their face sideways.

Kirsten Dunst

Your face is wider than others, with more emphasis on your cheeks and chin.

An arched eyebrow to create a more oval look. The high peak opens the eyes vertically to elongate the face.  Tweezing is the best bet when trying to create that high arched look.  It is the better option if you are after a more sculptured look; it offers a more precise finish by removing hair strands individually.

Jessica Simpson – who has a line of clip in hair extension called, “Hairdo

Your face is slightly more oblong, with a well-defined jaw and hairline.

Bigger is better when it comes to square faces.  A thick brow for this face shape, which is best achieved by waxing or threading. It gives a more natural brow shape as it removes the hair strands in a row, ensuring the result is natural and neat but not overly defined.  align the peak of the brow with the widest angle of the jaw to balance out the strong jaw line.

Angelina Jolie

You have the same chiseled features of a rectangular face, with shorter proportions.

Same as rectangle.

Elizabeth Hurley

Your hairline and chin mark the narrowest points of your face, while your cheekbones are the widest. This dramatic contrast in width creates a diamond shape.

Choose a curved brow to soften your angular face or keep emphasis on the center arch of the brow to draw away from the width of your face.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Your face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and a heart-shaped hairline. Your cheeks widen at the temples, but thin out above the chin.

A round arch to help soften a pointed chin.

Other Facial Features

Close-Set Eyes:
For those women with close-set eyes, try shaping the eyebrows a little closer to the inner corner of your eye and extending the outer edge a bit further outward. This will help give the illusion that your eyes are set further apart.

Wide-Set Eyes:
If you have wide-set eyes, extend the eyebrows inward a bit. This will make your eyes appear closer together. Be careful not to give yourself a “frowning” appearance, however.

Low Forehead:
Women who have a low forehead should use a low arch when shaping their eyebrows. Doing so will give your forehead more height. You want to be careful not to over arch your brows since even a moderate arch can leave you looking in a permanent state of surprise.

ARCHED BROW-HOW Via The Skin Magazine

To shape your arches like a pro, take these points of reference to guide you along:

  1. To determine where the brow should begin, run a straight line along the outer edge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye.
  2. To determine where the tail of your brow should end,  imagine a line connecting the center of the upper lip, the outer edge of the nose and the outer corner of your eye.
  3. To determine approximate arch placement, find the point where a line from the nose tip through the middle of the pupil intersects with your brow.


7 Beauty Lessons You SHOULDN’T Follow From Old Hollywood

Via Stylelist   Posted: 01/11/12 01:39 PM ET  |  Updated: 01/13/12 03:38 PM ET

7 Beauty Lessons You SHOULDN’T Follow From Hollywood’s Golden Age

These days images of an overly-altered Heidi Montag or Britney Spears with her unfortunate extensions are scary reminders of the drastic (and not always pretty) lengths celebrities will go to achieve their own and society’s ideals of beauty. This has been going on for decades in Hollywood, even the most stunning of actresses from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s were implementing their own bizarro beauty techniques to hide personal insecurities.

Did you know that Rita Hayworth felt so uncomfortable about her low hairline she had it raised, then dyed her black hair that famous shade of red? Elsewhere, both Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shaved their faces to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz. And Marlene Dietrich apparently had her upper molars removed to create shadows underneath her cheekbones, which looked even more dramatic with the contrast of the black and white film of the time. Admittedly, I’ve made my share of questionable beauty decisions: I nearly burned my face off with a shall-not-be-mentioned face exfoliant, all in the name of luminous skin. This subsequently seemed counter-productive since I walked around with my hand over my face for the next five days.

Herewith, a round-up of the some of the more alarming beauty tricks favored by the women of Hollywood’s Golden Age:

UPDATE: A previous version of this post stated incorrectly that Marilyn Monroe grew hair on her face due to a side-effect from a hormonal cream.

Marlene Dietrich:  She was rumored to have had her molars removed to give her cheekbones a more pronounced look. The German-born actress also had hairstylists pull her hair back tightly with hair pins and surgical tape, so her face would have a more taut, “face lift” effect.

Carole Lombard:  The wife of Clark Gable was so self-conscious of a crook in her nose that she drew a thin white line down it before she applied makeup, she believed this created the illusion of a straight nose.

Vivien Leigh:  The British actress had a thin lower lip, which she penciled over her natural lipline and filled in with lipstick.

Claudette Colbert:  The French-born actress was so embarrassed by her uneven face, she refused to ever be shot by the right side. Sounds like Mariah Carey took a page out of Colbert’s book.

Elizabeth Taylor:  She was born with hypertrichosis, an excessive body hair condition. She was covered with dark hair all over her body, including her ears and nose. Though it eventually fell off, the actress was known to shave her face to create a smooth, hairless effect.

Rita Hayworth: The flame-haired actress, who was actually born with black hair, had her hairline raised a full inch with electrolysis. Also, her hair grew so quickly that she had to dye it every three days to conceal her dark roots.

Marilyn Monroe:  In an effort to get glowy skin and remove unwanted peach fuzz, Monroe was known to shave her face.

Adventures in Threading!

Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I set off the on an adventure yesterday to New York City to get Certified in Threading.
What is threading?  Threading is a form of epilation hair removal.  Epilation is the removal of the entire hair above and below the skin.   Threading is called “Khite” in Arabic and “Fatlah” in Egypt.  It originated in parts of India, the Middle and Far East, and is now gaining popularity in Western countries.
Threading is a hair removal technique that uses 100% cotton thread. The cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly from the follicle. It is more precise than waxing and allows for better lines.
As opposed to waxing, the top layers of skin are exfoliated in the process making threading gentler on the skin. Threading is highly recommended and an excellent option for those who use Retin-A, Accutane, or similar products or have sensitive skin.
It sounds easy to do, but believe me it takes time, practice, and nimble fingers.  There are three threading techniques:
Figure 8 or Hand to Hand (bottom Picture)
Jaw Clench (see in the above picture)
Around the Neck or Around the Should (similar to the jaw clench, but the string is tied around the neck instead of held in your teeth)

I left my certification with new knowledge of an ancient hair removal technique and sore fingers. I can’t wait to practice!

The Eyebrows have it!


Eyebrows frame the face.  It is incredible what waxing, threading, plucking, shading, & dyeing eyebrows can do for your look.  Above are some famous eyebrow looks.

Beauty of the Month!

Rita Hayworth!

Rita Hayworth

Yes, a natural beauty before such things as photo shop.

Fun fact Rita had her hairline raised with electrolysis, she was very self conscious about her low hair line!


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