Things to Look for When Applying to a Beauty School!


  • How many students to a teacher?
  • What is the teachers educational background?
  • How long have they been teachers?
  • How do they grade?  Can you retake a test?


  • What are their accreditations?
  • How do they help you to prepare for licensing?
  • How many hours of book and salon/spa hours will you be required to do?
  • Is the school well supplied?  What do you need to use from your own kit that should come with enrollment and what does the school supply?
  • How many beds or chairs does the school have?  Is it enough for all the students in the class to take clients or work on each other?
  • What is their attendance and tardy policy?
  • Do they have an rolling admission?  If so where in the program would you be starting?
  • How many hours before you can see clients?
  • Do they offer financial aid?
  • Do you get charge for hours if you need extra time to graduate?
  • What is the dress code?
  • In inclement weather how will I be notified that there will or will not be school?
  • What is their hiring percentage for students after graduation?
  • Do they help students to get jobs?
  • Do they have a curriculum that teaches students how to make a business plan, write a resume, sell retail, and go on an interview?
  • What is their percentage of students that graduate?

author: ArtisticAbode

Most important!!! Not sure about something!!!  Ask before signing on the dotted line!!!!!


Ask if you can have a service with a student to see the school in action!

Don’t be afraid to ask the students for their candid opinion of the school!

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