Help! How To Remove Halloween Make Up!

What kind of make up are you wearing?

Oil or Water Based?

Oil based ALSO KNOWN AS cream or grease (grease paint)

Make sure you are using the correct make up remover for the kind of make up you are wearing!

Water based make up is the easiest to remove.

AVOID: paints, including Tempera, Sharpies, acrylic and watercolors. They are not design to be applied to the skin! 

Body paints can be staining to your skin and clothes so patch test your skin in an area that people won’t see to make sure it won’t leave you looking like a surf the next day!

If you are going to be wearing fake hair which is typically applied with spirit gum make sure that you have adhesive remover to remove it later. If you don’t have the remover use oil (olive, almond, etc.) soak a Q-tip in the remover or oil work along the edge of the fake hair gently pulling. Don’t just rip off the fake hair!!!

Don’t use a wash cloth! It will end up ruined. Stick to cotton balls or pads, tissues, Q-tips and facial wipes. You can use a wash cloth after all the make up is off to wash your face not before!

Remember water and oil don’t mix! Using oil on a water based make up equals a mess!

Examples of Water Based Removers:

Use a store bought makeup-removing wipe, bi-phase liquid remover, or micellar water

Usually works on latex make up as well!

Examples of Oil Based Removers:

Cold Cream – good for glitter

Albolene – good for glitter

Oil Cleansers

Oils like: almond or olive

Petroleum Jelly/Baby Oil (can be used but the above are much better options)

Wipe off the oil based removers without water first! Get all the make up off before washing your face! Again oil and water don’t mix!

Follow up by washing your face as would normally do.

Still some residue left:

Apply a thick layer of shaving cream to your skin and massage it in. Wipe it off with a washcloth or tissue and the cream should lift the stains from your skin.

Using fake blood and afraid of staining apply a barrier cream like invisible glove before putting on the fake blood!

 find at most hardware stores

How to Best Prep & Remove Halloween/Stage/Costume Make Up!

Since I’m doing 31 days of Halloween make up tutorials, I had better show how to properly remove the make up which can be heavier than most people are used to.

First of all — Prep your skin properly! It will help with the make up removal and help you from breaking out!

  • Cleanse your skin with an non-oily cleanser such as Cetaphil to remove any oil and dirt.
    An oil based cleanser can sometimes leave an oily residue making it harder for the make up to properly set.

If possible avoid oil based make up, if it can’t be avoided, apply an oil absorbing primer over your moisturizer before applying your make up.  Do this even if you have dry skin because most Halloween make up kits and oil based stage make up are too oily for even dry skin.

  • Always apply primer if your are applying Halloween/stage/costume make up to help the make up adhere better and last longer.  Use primer that is appropriate for your skin type unless as stated above you  are using oil based make up.

Never share your make up this leads to spreading germs and clean your make up tools after every use or every other use!

Halloween/stage/costume makeup was not meant to stay on your face for long periods of time. It can clog your pores and cause acne breakouts.  You may require a more heavy-duty makeup remover than you normally use. Wash your entire face thoroughly at the end of the night, and never sleep in your makeup!

  • For heavy make up like this I suggest using an oil based make up remover and cleansing your face twice once with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil and once with your regular cleanser to remove all traces of the make up.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/I
or any other cleansing oil is a great to use as an oil based make up remover

If you are wearing a mask or have never used the make up before — ALWAYS READ THE LABEL!!!!  You maybe be allergic to an ingredient or even the mask (latex, etc.!) 

  • You may want to have Benadryl and Cortisone cream on hand in case of allergic reaction.  Of course call a Doctor immediately and don’t take either over the counter medication if not recommended by the doctor!
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