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The Orange Lip Craze! My Orange Lipstick Picks and How to Wear Them!

L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick Lipstick, Fiery Veil

Maybelline New York Vivid Colours Lipstick, Electric Orange


MAC Cosmetics Lipstick, Morange

Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color, Wild Ginger


Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Classic Cream Lipstick, Delicious


Illamasqua Lipstick, Flare


Nars Lipstick, Heat Wave


Sisley Paris’Phyto-Rouge’ Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick, Tangerine (L1)

Givenchy Rouge Interdit, Fruity Orange

FACE Stockholm Lipstick, Signficant

Models Own Lipstick, Orange Aid

If you want to wear orange or another bold color, such as red or Fuchsia but don’t feel brave enough to wear it at full strength:

Rub a warm wet wash cloth to your lips to remove any flakes. Then apply and blot lip balm, next buff in a circular motion the lipstick on with your fingertips. Make sure to stay within the lip line to Soften blot gentle after applying the lip balm on top of the lipstick.

If you want to wear the bold color at full strength:

Aagain use the washcloth followed by lip balm. Then apply the lipstick with a brush – it will stay on longer and look smoother. Lip Liner will help make the lipstick last longer. Start by lining the Cupid’s bow, bold and especially matte colors enable you to ‘cheat’ the lip line and achieve perfectly symmetrical lips (i.e. you can use the pencil onto your skin to make the lips look even) make sure not to go too far outside your lip line. Work from the middle section of your bottom lip, draw out from the Cupid’s bow, into the center of the lower lip and then to the corners of the mouth. Make any corrections from the application with a Q-tip, makeup remover, and if needed use concealer (make sure to blend the concealer out from the lip onto your skin blending well so as to not leave a line of concealer). Open your mouth and fill in the corners so you have a very clean professional finish. Then, fill in with lipstick using your lip brush make sure not too overload the brush with lipstick you can always put more on the brush as you go, too much on the brush can make making mistakes easier. To check symmetry, look in the mirror and tilt your head back. Mistakes will become apparent and you can fix them.

OPI to Release Oz: The Great and Powerful Nail Polish

OPI - Oz the Great and PowerfulCourtesy Photo (4); Time Inc. Digital Photo Studio

Via InStyle

OPI is bringing magic to your fingertips! The nail brand is set to launch a seven-piece range inspired by Disney’s upcoming film Oz: The Great and Powerful. “This collection captures the whimsy seen in the film, from glittery shades packed with white, gold, and iridescent confetti, to soft neutrals,” said OPI’s executive VP and artistic director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. “The rich taupe hue (left) was designed for James Franco’s character, the great Wizard of Oz, and is sure to make a bold statement this spring.” And the antique metallic shade has a dose of sorcery built in—the lacquer features OPI’s new Liquid Sand effect, which creates a matte pebbled texture using small glitter particles. Click through the gallery to preview the entire collection, and shop the shades in stores starting in March for $9 each.

Marianne Mychaskiw

Hot Eyelash Look Right Off The Runway! Spider Lashes!

Via The Beauty Department

post + photos by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

You see spider lashes on the runways every season and probably think to yourself “that’s so fashion-y but not something I’d want to do every day”. Agreed! But (you totally saw this one coming)… if the outfit is right, the time is night and the mood is sassy, why not let your lashes have a little downtown chic moment once in a blue moon? It’s fun and different; and let’s not forget makeup is a form of expression! Here’s how:



  1. Apply a generous coat of mascara on your top + bottom lashes.
  2. Dip your eyeshadow brush into loose powder and carefully powder your lashes. You can close your eyes if you’re worried about it getting inside but I usually give the brush a tap against the counter to get rid of any extra powder.
  3. Paint over each lash with the lacquer. If you don’t have one, you can use a second coat of mascara but will give up a little of the dramatic payoff that a lacquer will give. Try this technique if you’re using mascara for this step.
  4. To really exaggerate it, use tweezers to squeeze a few lashes together into star points.

Eyebrows that WOW!

Via The Beauty Department

post + photos by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

We still get many emails about brows, which is why we’re back to brows again today! If you’ve missed our Brow Stencil and Brows 101 photo tutorials, revisit them here and here respectively. If you still need a little help, maybe this new one will give you your a-ha moment! Sometimes you just need to grab an object with a straight side, like a comb, a skinny long brush or a ruler and use it to guide you by outlining the perimeter. Here’s how:



  1. Place the straight edge along the underside of the brow, from the end to the arch, and trace a line with the brow liner.
  2. Place the straight edge along the top of the brow, from the end to the arch again, and trace a line with the brow liner.
  3. Place the straight edge along the top of the brow, from the arch to the beginning of the brow (by your nose), and trace a line with the liner.
  4. Place the straight edge along the bottom of the brow, from the bottom of the arch to the beginning of the brow, and trace a line connecting it to the one from step 1. Steps 1-4 basically drew an outline of the perimeter your brow.
  5. Dip your brow brush into the shadow powder and start drawing individual hairs, mimicking your own, by flicking the brush upwards in little strokes. This technique is more tedious than merely shading it in but looks much more realistic.
  6. Continue drawing hairs all the way to the arch.
  7. Fill in the arch with more curved motions, determined by the direction of the hair growth.
  8. Switch to downward strokes from the arch to the end.
  9. With the brow get, brush hairs upwards if you’re like me and like a more natural look. If not, brush them from the nose towards the arch to lock them in place.

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A Few Last Minute Halloween Make Up and Hair Tutorials!

The Mermaid

face: Make Up For Ever Diamond Cream in Shade 2, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 18 (lavender)

scales: Ben Nye Creme Color in Cosmic Blue, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 21 (teal), Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 11 (gold), MAC Paint Pot in Delft

eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack

eyes: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 21 (teal)

eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 11 (gold)

lips: NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita

I saw The Little Mermaid in theaters when I was four years old.  It pretty much set the tone for the rest of my life.  I wanted to have long red hair, a voice like an angel, and fins that I could swim around with but also that turned into legs when I was on dry land, you know, like in Splash.  Those things didn’t really pan out for me.  I did have really long hair, but I cut it all off.  Anyway, here is my attempt at becoming the mermaid I always wanted to be.

First I started by applying Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 18 (lavender) with a sponge applicator over my entire face and neck.  Next I applied a thin layer of Make Up For Ever Diamond Cream in Shade 2 over the entire face, but adding slightly more product to the cheekbones, forehead, and chin.  I’m really pale so I was able to achieve the luminescent effect without looking grey.  If you have dark skin you will want to mix the products with foundation that matches your skin color to avoid looking grey.

For the eyes I lined them with Blacktrack, creating a dramatic swooped eye.  Cat eyes are kind of my thing, so I always do them, but you can apply your liner however you think a mermaid would.  I think mermaids are really fancy but also into the 60s so…

Next I applied Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 21 (teal) as shadow to the entire lid, extending around the eyes and beneath the lower lash line.  I then painted over the eyebrows with Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 11 (gold).

Now, on to the scales and I promise you’re going to laugh when I tell you how I did this.  I took a pair of black fishnet stockings that I never wear and pulled them over my head.  Yeah, that’s right, keep reading.  I held them over my face so the stockings were taught and pretty flat against my skin.  Yes, it was hard to breathe, thank you for asking.  Then, using a sponge applicator and Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 21 (teal) I stippled (small, strong pressing motion (not wiping motion)) over areas of my face where I wanted the scales to be.  It can be anywhere, I just chose the cheek, forehead, and chin because that’s where the stockings would lay the flattest.  I waited a second for it to dry and then went over certain areas with Ben Nye Creme Color in Cosmic Blue and Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Shade 11 (gold) to add dimension.

I waited a few minutes for the makeup to dry before removing the fishnet stockings from my head.  If anyone saw in my window they probably thought I was a robber, but a fancy one.  I quickly realized I could have just cut the stockings and taped small piece on my face instead of sitting around with fishnets on my head like an asshole, so that’s what I did on my chest and shoulder.  I like to think I made the mistake so you don’t have to and in that sense I’m really a hero.  Good luck becoming a mermaid!


The Mexican Skeleton

face: Ben Nye Creme Color in White

face details: Ben Nye Creme Color in Black, Ben Nye Creme Color in Red

eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack

eye flower center: Burgundy from Master Bruise FX Wheel, Ben Nye Creme Color in Black

eye flower petals: Ben Nye Creme Color in Red, Green from Master Bruise FX Wheel

eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama

lips: NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga

FACT: I have wanted to attend The Day of The Dead in Mexico since I was 16.  I think it’s really awesome and creepy how everyone hangs out in cemeteries for two days and celebrates their deceased loved ones.  I love Mexican skeletons and have a small collection of them which I accumulated on numerous trips across the country.  My favorite being a small bride and groom which has somehow remained in tacted (and on my desk) through about 8 moves.

For the look: First using a sponge applicator I covered my entire face and neck in Ben Nye Creme Color in White.  The layer of white should be blended so it is not too thick on the face, that means allowing the natural pigment of the skin to remain visible.

Next I mixed Burgundy from Master Bruise FX Wheel and Ben Nye Creme Color in Black to get an eggplant color which I applied using a brush in a large circle around the eyes.  The size of the circle will depend on the size and shape of your face, but it should extend over the eyebrows.

Next using the Green from Master Bruise FX Wheel I drew the outlines for the flower petals with a small pointed brush.  The flower petals are by far the hardest part of this look, but don’t get discouraged, they don’t have to be perfect.  Also, try experimenting with the shape and size of the petals.  For example, you’ll notice I made the petals under my eyes larger and slightly slanted, but you don’t have to do the same thing.  Use your own creative intuition here.  Once the outline is complete I filled in the petals with a small flat curved brush using Ben Nye Creme Color in Red.  After the petals are filled in you might need to go back and clean up the green outline.

Next I made an upside down heart over the nose using Ben Nye Creme Color in Black.  I also lined the inner rims of the upper and lower lids with Blacktrack to eliminate visible natural skin.

The facial detailing and flourishes are other areas where you can pretty much do anything you want.  I recommend googling photos of Mexican skeletons to get some ideas.  You might want to do a different pattern entirely, or something with color, or no flourishes at all.  This is totally your call, but whatever you do you will want to use a small pointed brush (like the one you used for the flower petals) to make these designs.  Using a small pointed brush will ensure that the designs are delicate and precise.

Last I used NARS lipstick in Volga on the lips and applied mascara.


The Roy Lichtenstein Painting

face: Ben Nye Creme Color in White

dots: Ben Nye Creme Color in Red

tears: Ben Nye Creme Color in Blue, Cosmic Blue, and White

eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack

eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama

eyes: Blue Colored Contacts

lips: NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave

I’ll start by thanking Amanda for giving me the idea for this look.  Thanks Amanda, you’re really good at Halloween! Next I will warn anyone who tries this out that pulling this one off if a lot like cleaning your bedroom: it looks worse before it looks good.  Half way through this I had an “uh oh, what did I do moment,” but once all the elements were completed it totally came together and cools pretty cool.  So…

Begin by cover the entire face with Ben Nye Creme Color in White using a sponge applicator.

Next I applied Blacktrack liner around the entire eye and the upper and lower inner rims.  You want to have clean lines and go heavy on the liner because you’re trying to recreate the comic strip-like outlines characteristic of pop art.  The lashes are actually part of the eyeliner wing that have been drawn on.  From the eyeliner wing you will want to make feathered strokes which when the eye is open, will look like very dramatic lashes.  Next apply a line with Black track along the eye socket bone, this will intersect the lashes.  You want to see this line when the eyes are open so make sure it is applied above the fold of the eyelid.

Next, I drew in the brows over my natural brows and exaggerated the edges.  Look at a Lichtenstein print, most of the women look pretty exasperated and the emotion is in the shape of the brows and eyes.  Then I drew a black line from one of the brows, all the way down one side of the nose, to the top of the lip. Make a black line around the side of the nostril and one or two small lines on the side of the nose opposite to the continuous line near the eye.  This lines are the contour lines Lichtenstein uses to show dimension in the face.

For the tear, out line the shape you want in black first, then fill it in by layering various shades of blue and small touches of white for dimension.

Outline the lips in black and then fill in with red.

I made all the face dots last.  I dipped Q-tips in Red Ben Nye Creme Color and then applied it to my skin with a pressing and twirling motion.  So, press to skin, slight twirl, lift from skin.  I applied the dots linearly across the face until my entire face was covered.  This part took the longest and is the most tedious, but try not to get sloppy with the dots, this is the lynchpin of the entire look.  I highly recommend setting everything with loose setting powder so you don’t end up with red smears all over your face.


The Blackbird

face, eyes, feather details: Ben Nye Creme Color in Black. Ben Nye Creme Color in White, Ben Nye Creme Color in Gray, black feathers

eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack

eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama, Make Up For Ever Feather False Lashes

lips: NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave

I really have no affinity towards Blackbirds so I’m lacking something charming or even informative to write up top.  Blackbird by The Beatles is the only song I can still play on the guitar and it’s a pretty hard song because of all the finger picking, so I guess that’s something?  Yeah, I don’t know.

Here’s how to make yourself look like my interpretation of a Blackbird…

First, using a sponge I applied a very light grey makeup over my entire face using Ben Nye Creme Color in Black and White.

Next I did the detailing on my eyebrow, cheeks, and eyes with a small flat brush and Ben Nye Creme Color in Black.  On the eyebrows I applied the makeup in an upward feathering motion.  I did this loosely not worrying about it looking to perfect.  The faster you make the strokes with the brush the more authentically feathered it will look.  On my cheeks, I made a line in the hollow of my cheekbone and then made upward feathering strokes originating from that line.  For my eyes I lined them, including the inner rims with Blacktrack.  I made a line along my eye socket bone extending out past the eye into feathered lines.  This liner along the eye bone should be visible when the eyes are open.  (Think a 60’s mod eye.) I added grey to the inner corners blending onto the lid and white strokes radiating from the under eye as well as by the cheekbone. Last, I lined around the entire eye with white and applied feather lashes upside down to just below to lower lash line.

The forehead detailing is loose feathers attached to the skin with eyelash glue (you can apply feathers any way you like) and feathering with black, white, and grey makeup, again made with a small flat brush.

Last I applied NARS Lipstick in Heatwave to my lips.


Ziggy Stardust

face: Ben Nye Creme Color in White

eyes/chin: MAC Blacktrack, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in shade 10 (orange)

forehead detail: Ben Nye Creme Color in Black, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in shade 11 (gold), Ben Nye Fireworks in Bronze

lips: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in shade 11 (gold)

David Bowie has a myriad great looks to choose from, which is what makes him such a formidable Halloween Costume.  A while ago I did a post on the Aladdin Sane look, so here is how you become to alien rockstar himself, Ziggy Stardust.

First, using a sponge applicator I applied a thin layer of Ben Nye Creme Color in White over the entire face.  Next I lined the the inner rims and the lower lid only with Blacktrack.  Then, using my fingers, I applied Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in shade 11 (gold) around the entire eyes, from lash line to brows, extending back to the temples and onto the cheekbones.  You want to blend all the edges of the orange color so it diffuses evenly into the white.  I did the same thing to the jaw bone and chin, using less product to achieve a lighter look.

On the forehead, I began by drawing the outline of the circle with Ben Nye Creme Color in Black.  Then I filled in the circle with Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in shade 11 (gold) and waited a few minutes for that to dry.  Once dry,  I went around the interior outline of the circle with Ben Nye Fireworks in Bronze.  I also added some of the bronze color to areas of the middle of the circle to create dimension.

Last I added Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in shade 11 (gold) to my lips.


The Tiger

face: Mehron Color Cup in Orange, Ben Nye Creme Color in White

tiger strips: Ben Nye Creme Color in Black

eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack

eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama

lips: Ben Nye Creme Color in Black

Oh man, you guys, I really wish I was a tiger.  If you know me at all you know that tigers are my favorite animal and that I am generally obsessed with large cats.  I’ve been saying this for years, if modern science could give me the option of giving birth to baby tigers instead of baby humans I would have had ten children by now.  I know this makes me sound insanely creepy/crazy, but that is how much I love tigers.

For this look begin by applying Mehron Color Cup in Orange over the entire face and neck.  Set the color by applying a translucent powder over it, this will ensure that the orange doesn’t mix with the black and white makeup that will go over it.

Next apply Ben Nye Creme Color in White to the chin and eye brow area.  You can use your finger or a small flat brush, whichever you find easiest to blend with.  Blend or feather the edges of the white into the orange to there is definition between the colors, but no hard lines.  Don’t apply the white under the eyes yet, save this for later.  Set the white with translucent powder.

Now it’s time to do the black stripe detailing.  This part is a little difficult to explain since it’s more a matter of interpreting what you see.  It will actually help you immensely to look at a photo of a tiger while you’re doing this.  Try to copy the stripe patterns. Use a small pointed brush to make the stripes and be painterly with your strokes.  The lines don’t have to be perfect because you are emulating fur, you want to get some feathering an slight blending of colors.

For the eyes I lined the inner rims with Blacktrack and painted the entire lid black with  Ben Nye Creme Color. The last step on the eyes should be to fill in the space between the two black strips under the eye with white.  I extended the black in two straight lines down the sides of the nose to create a wider, feline nose.  Make lines extending from the nose to the top lip and out from the corners of the lips to create a cat mouth.  Add small dots in the white area between the nose and mouth and don’t forget the whiskers and cat ears!


Jennifer Lawrence stars in The Hunger Games

Murray Close/LionsGate

Katniss’ Undone Braid in The Hunger Games

1. Prep hair with mousse to enhance texture. Then create waves by curling hair vertically with a one and one-fourth-inch iron.

3. Finger comb your hair with an anti-frizz cream and loosely pull hair to one side, in front of your shoulder.

4. Make two sections, then two smaller sections from the outside working in (the smaller your sections, the more intricate your fishtail braid will be. The two outside sections should be smaller, and the two middle sections bigger).

5. Pull a smaller strand over one of the larger sections, then under the other large section.

6. Repeat this step from the other side and continue the weaving pattern all the way down the length of your hair and fasten with an elastic. You can pull out a few strands to frame your face for a more relaxed look.

TIP: While braiding, remember that the tension in your hand plays a big part in how your finished braid will look. The tighter your grip, the more polished and neat it will look, whereas the looser your grip, the more undone and piece-y it will be.


Courtesy of Lionsgate

Effie Trinket’s Colorful ‘Do in The Hunger Games

1. Set the hair with hot rollers using Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray for light hold and heat protection.

2. Next, spray Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray at the roots for fluffiness, and throughout the rest of the hair to build desired volume.

3. Finish the look by spraying the hair with washable hair color in pink, blue, or green (depending on which Effie costume you are trying to recreate).

Tip: For subtle color, spray sparingly and for a more dramatic look, spray liberally—application depends on how much color you want for the look!


Everett Collection / Everett Collection

Lucille Ball’s Arched Brows and Pink Lips on I Love Lucy

The three key features to create a Lucille Ball look are the arched brows, spidery lashes, and stylized pink lips.

1. Start with a semi-matte foundation that is buildable, then apply a pressed powder for a flawless, matte finish.

2. For the brows, layer MAC Cosmetics Eye Brows in Spiked, a warm red and Eye Brows in Lingering, a light taupe brown. Draw an extended arch and an elongated brow that is blocky in the inner corners and tapered sharply towards the outer edges. Finish off with M·A·C Cosmetics Brow Set in Girl Boy to add a pinky, red tone to the brow.

3. Next, line the top lash line black liquid liner. Extend the line upward and outwards in the outer corner of the eye. Layer the top and bottom lashes with black mascara. For the flirty, final touches apply MAC Cosmetics 34 Lash to the top lash line and line the waterline with a Kohl pencil for a larger, opened eye look.

4. To create the big, pouty lips, start by drawing an overly rounded cupid’s bow using a Magenta lip liner, then follow the outer lines of the lip. Fill in the entire lip with the pencil and top it off with a layer of pink lipstick.


Disney Snow White Make Up and Hair Tutorial!


Via KandeeJ

I think it’s safe to say, that every girl would love to be a princess…fancy dresses, having a castle of your own…and of course the required prince charming! And all girls should know and remember, to never settle for any guy that doesn’t hold your heart like the most precious thing in the world…because you are a princess…and deserve your very own prince charming!

and this was one of my favorite videos ever:
SNOW WHITE!!! This Snow White Make-Up Tutorial is my favorite!

and also, here’s the Snow White Hair Tutorial! I couldn’t find a good wig for SNOW WHITE, so I just did the hair myself!

We are all princesses on the inside…now you can have fun dressing up as one on the outside!

I love Disneyland…and pretty much all old Disney movies…. Snow White is so delicate, gentle, and adorable….I loved..LOVED…LOVED doing this make-up look!Even the hair was fun to do!

I just wanted to go live in Disneyland or one of the enchanted lands~

I researched the art and painting of Disney…they mixed and created their own colors! The look of the original Snow White: And the Seven Dwarfs, was soft with, bright lips and grey-brown eyeshadow…I tried to replicate it exactly as the art from the movie.

I hope you guys like it..I think this was my favorite look and favorite video so far!

For the make-up…I used:
a very light foundation (any brand will do)
concealer wheel by LISE WATIER (i got mine at
a light powder (any brand. I used La Mer pressed powder)

For the EYES, I used,
a light shimmery yellow color….(Rice Paper from MAC)
a dark grey shadow …(PRINT from MAC)
a grey-brown…(COPPERPLATE from MAC)
a warm chocolatey brown (CORK from MAC)

A black liquid or cream liner (any brands)

RED lips!!! ( any bright blue-red lipstick)
I used a bright red lip liner (Cherry from MAC)
I used RUBY WOO from MAC
and any red gloss if you want some added dazzle!

FOR the hair, you just need: bobby pins, hair spray, a brush, and 2 curling irons – 1 small one and one larger…

I got my snow white costume at Spirit…click here for the link


Drop Dead Gorgeous! Just in Time for Halloween!

LEFT: Model Heather Morrisroe. RIGHT: Model Alexandra Matthews
Just in time for Halloween, make-up artist Nelly Recchia delivers a beauty feature with a dark side—inspired by wicked royal Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed.
Makeup Artist Magazine

Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos /Day of the Dead Look!

Face Contouring & Highlighting


Face Contouring & Highlighting

Contouring & Highlighting Diagram

Contouring and Highlighting will vary according to face shape, eyes, and features.  This article below offers a few of those techniques.

Via Know Wear

  1. Use primer after applying the usual moisturizer & SPF!  Priming your face will help keep makeup in-tact all day without the annoying & embarrassing smudges & smears.
  2. Concealer is incredibly useful when it comes to contouring when used for more areas than just under the eye.  Apply under the eyes, as usual, and also on the sides of your nose to make it appear thinner. Depending on your nose shape, you might want to try streaking the concealer straight down the top middle of your nose, instead of the sides. Making a “U” shape from under the eyes to down around the sides of your nose & back up is also suggested. Play with these three contouring suggestions to see what works best for your face.
  3. Next, use a light foundation.
  4. Matte contouring powder or cream (not shimmer!!!) apply to an angled brush or blend with fingers or sponge.  There are three great places to apply: Just below your cheekbones (fish-face it and swipe in the crease); in a half-moon shape right below your hairline on your forehead & at your jawline. Applying darker shades in these main places help keep your face looking slim & defined.
  5. Opposite to the contouring powder or cream, the next step requires a light hue and/or illuminator should be applied right under brows, just under the “fish-faced” bronzer & on your forehead.  I use a small brush for the brows & a slightly larger angled brush for below the contouring powder or cream & a huge brush for a quick one-swipe on my forehead.
  6. Finally, I finish up with my usual beauty routine of blush, eyebrow gel, mascara & a lipstick.

While the process seems daunting, it’s easy to figure out what works best for you with a few quick test-runs. You can streamline your contouring down to 3-5 minutes. Don’t feel like purchasing all the individual products I suggested? Try Smashbox’s Step-By-Step Contour Kit (Smashbox– $45.00). The trio palette provides a compact row of shades perfect for contouring.!


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