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Artist Sebastian Errazuriz’s Show – 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers!

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Part fashion, part art, part voyerism, artist Sebastian Errazuriz‘s show, 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers, is the hit of this year’s annual Art Basel show in Miami. The 36-year-old has created a dozen high-heel-themed mini masterpieces, all serving as tributes to (and takedowns of) his many exes  – Sophie: The Ice Queen, Laura, The Heartbreaker – and paired with personal anecdotes about what exactly defined that ex to him and ultimately inspired the designs. The stories are alternately racy, wistful, bizarre, and brutally honest (though most first names have been changed to protect privacy). “I’ve never done anything like this before,” Errazuriz tells Yahoo Shine. “It was incredibly difficult. I had to think of the 12, and then how best to capture a small part of their essence.” Click on to see all 12 sculptures and learn the good, bad, and ugly about the women who inspired them. — Charlotte Rudge, Shine Staff

The Cry Baby: Alexandra
Resembling a foot splashing into a huge puddle — an image that just “came to mind” when remembering this particular woman — Errazuriz says that this sculpture is his favorite of the 12.  The somewhat bitter accompanying text recounts a lover who spent her time with him, but couldn’t stop crying about her ex-boyfriend. “As a man, it’s kind of strange to publicly tell a story where a girl basically uses you. Before I published the text I gave it to some girlfriends of mine to make sure it wasn’t offensive.”

The Honey: Honey
This one’s based on an ex who actually is named Honey, and, according to Errazuriz, was beautiful but ultimately, a little too nice to stay with. “It’s pretty brutal,” the artist says of the piece, “but also kind.” The intricate honeycomb design was one of the most difficult styles to execute and also the first design Errazuriz created for the series. Honey, now married with children, contacted him to tell him she was flattered that their brief three-week involvement made the cut.

The Heartbreaker: Laura
Yes, this one’s modeled after the girl who broke is heart, but the story focuses on how his friends were obsessed with the fact that “heartbreaker” had one fake breast and one real breast. “I thought I was going to marry her. I mean the name, the design says it all,” Errazuriz tells Yahoo Shine. “It didn’t work out, she’s married with kids now. I decided to tell this other side of the story that showed a little bit about guys, what goes on in their minds, and give a little levity to the whole thing.”

The Rock: Alice
“This was technically and emotionally the hardest one to do,” says Errazuriz. It was also the last one displayed in the series. Though he won’t get into the details of who or what inspired it, other than to say that, despite its chunky, decidedly unromantic appearance, this design actually tells the tale of a true love that got away. “I loved her so much, he admits. “Always will.”

The Gold Digger: Allison
The classical design of the heel is a little at odds with the Kanye-ness of the title, but Errazuriz explains, “It’s based on [the Greek mythological figure] Atlas, who felt he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. When I was with the girl — who I guess you could say was high maintenance — i just kind of felt like that. I couldn’t provide her the things she wanted or needed to stay with me.” According to Errazuriz, the ex knows this sculpture is about her and “hates my guts.”

The Ghost: Valentina
One of the weirder tales, the Ghost is based on a local woman the artist met at a seaside town who randomly showed up at his front door one day and began a torrid but brief affair with him.
“By the end of summer I made her promise she would come visit me, but she never did. I returned to the beach the next summer looking for her but she was already gone,” shares Errazuriz. “It was really tricky to create a shoe that embodied how vaporous she was.”

The Jet-Setter: Jessica
Errazuriz says that the tale of this almost-one-night-stand with a rich girl who tried to seduce him by constantly chattering about her family’s private planes and money, almost didn’t make the cut. “But it’s weird and funny,” he says. “At this age we’ve all had so many stories, some turn out well, some don’t. I wanted to capture a bit of that strange night gone awry. I mean, for all I know we could have turned out to be madly in love, who knows. But the story happened the way it did.”

G.I. Jane: Barbara
Errazuriz initially had a hard time brainstorming through his love life to come up with muses. “To sum up these women and all the emotions and feelings tied up with them into one shoe, and then one name for the shoe was so difficult.” The tough-sounding G.I. Jane — a girl whose strict father was a military general, and with whom he was busted by the police when the two were caught making out in a car — got commemorated with this militant, yet weirdly wearable design.

The Boss: Rachel
This brass-knuckle-inspired design is downright scary. Pick it up and that stiletto heel becomes one hell of a dangerous weapon. The story about Rachel is not appropriate for publication here, but, long story short, girl runs hot and cold and is rather frightening.

The Virgin: Anna
Pure-looking piece the Virgin is an ode to … well, guess. “I spent the night with this woman and right afterwards she told me it was the first time she had ever had sex.” The revelation knocked him sideways.  According rumors in his circle of friends, she may or may not be a nun now.

The Hot Bitch: Caroline
The girl we love to hate, “Caroline” wears tiny red dresses, flirts with his dad, gets drunk at a wedding, cheats on him, and still comes out with the coolest shoe of the bunch. How did he create this amazing, melting design? “Every shoe was sculpted digitally and 3-D printed, and then when the models were created I would constantly check them, work on them to make sure they were right. I kept visiting shoe stores and studying heels, the sales clerks thought I was some kind of shoe fetishist.”

The Ice Queen: Sophie
And finally, the story is short and sweet, but the shoe isn’t. It’s about of fashion model — naturally! — who looked great but barely spoke or did much else.

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